State of the World Forum, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, August 2009

Gala Opening

State of the World Forum.. reincarnated from its original form of the mid nineties when it was co-founded by Jim Garrison and Mikhail Gorbachev as a gathering of people from all sectors of life who had a passion to ensure the safe and healthy emergence of our earth and its citizens.

What gets me out of my chair in a hurry and had me easily participate at the State of the World Forum is that our lifestyle on planet earth is unsustainable. In no particular order, here a some of the issues that I believe we must act on as an imperative and with urgency.

***Overpopulation--we do not need more people. Including in Australia. The baby bonus of the Australian government is a knee jerk response to short term thinking.

***Our addiction to fossil fuels and associated substances. As Bucky would say, we are dipping into our “cosmic energy savings account...a spending folly no less illogical than burning your house and home to keep the family warm..” (Critical Path, Introduction, page xvii)

***Our careless consumption based society, where our consideration for the effects of our consumption, and its waste and bi-products are scarcely thought through.

***The way we build homes, offices, clothing, transport systems--with lack of consideration about the best use of energy, resources, materials.

***The now defunct economic system, which contributes to 80% of the global population being at or below the poverty line.

***The way we gather and eat our food. From the chemical ridden farming practices, right through to our food choices and our exploding obesity problem. Personally very plugged in that few people actually see our rising obesity rates as part of the huge issue of climate change, poverty, over consumption etc..

***Our addiction to growth, growth, growth. More, more, more...

I could go on...but you get the point.

Jean Houston and Troop, State of the World Forum, Brazil

For an official summary of the conference immediate outcomes, click here.

My summary of State of the World Forum, Brazil 09...

***These events are precessional. The main effect is often the side effect, and vice versa. What is immediately evident is often not what is going to be the most significant.

***What does happen is that networks of people come together and find each other, and these networks start to form hubs and relationships that grow into unpredictable and extraordinary artifacts and leadership collaborative's.

***I was always clear that it was the relationships I built during the State of the World Forum that matter most. Finding like minded people with a passion and vision for similar things. Positive Deviants.

***My intuitive sense is that the relationships I have built will incubate and generate very exciting projects around leadership, a new economics, developing personal sustainability, conscious business...

***I learned that we must not forget the arts...that it is music, art, dance, that have the ability to change the world.

***Finally, in the recent books I have been reading, and my explorations and adventures through cyber space, I am convinced that the solutions are likely to come from the fringes...from positive deviants, artists, the unexpected. It will be the left of center...the black swans.

In the mean time, we have much work to do. No small thing is insignificant. It is all, in its own way, perfect.

You may have your own thoughts about the process, what needs to be done, who needs to play in this space?

Please feel free to share your own experience, thoughts about this topic, comments on the event...

Global Climate Change and Integrity

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