Positive Deviant Network

Welcome to the Positive Deviant Network where we create meaningful powerful conversations about life, philosophy, sport, leadership, the future of business, integrity, personal mastery and all things positive deviant.

Do you seek to discuss and explore conversations at the very edge of thinking?

Or to dialogue about models of life and business-successes? Models around new ways of running business, organising meetings, working with diversity, enhancing creativity and innovation?

Do you want to explore the reaches of science and business application?

Are you interested in keeping up to date with the leading thinkers and business applicators working today?

Or with futurists, trend makers and designers?

Are you crafting your own personal leadership development plan and would like support?

The Positive Deviant Network creates a place for action oriented forward thinking pioneers and outliers to gather in the virtual and global world to explore, dialogue, discuss, learn, challenge thinking, create action, support, play, learn.

Benefits of the Positive Deviant Network

*Networking with like minded Positive Deviants

*Having meaningful, powerful dialogue that is hard to find in many places

*Being able to bring questions, issues, the requirement for feedback, brainstorming etc to a group of highly capable people

*Being provided with a good flow of resources and tools

*Being assured that you are challenged, learn and grow

*Have fun dialoguing with like minded people

Is the Positive Deviant Network for you?

You will be attracted to this site if you yearn for a venue for like minded people who live to explore the very boundaries of human thought, yet with a highly practical flavour. Your time is very precious to you, and so you appreciate the time saved in having other people guide you to trusted sources of relevant information and tools.

How this works

Its really simple...in this site is over 130 articles written from a Positive Deviant perspective. At the end of most articles there is an opportunity for you to comment.

Please do so. You can be assured that your comments will be read, and I will respond. Other people will join in the conversation.

Plus, you can visit our PD Facebook page, where the discussion continues.

At some stage in the future we may hold teleclasses and virtual get togethers. Sign up for the newsletter to be sure to be notified.

Have any ideas about how to make the Positive Deviant network hum?

I would love to hear your thoughts about how to really support Positive Deviants world wide.

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