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Let me be clear. I am not an expert in new economics. Or even old economics. Or green economics. Six years ago, I met a highly regarded global economist, Bernard Lietaer, who, in a brief time, demonstrated to me that by using a possible complimentary currency, The Terra, that people would immediately shift their thinking from short term to long term.

Given that I have spent my life studying change from a developmental and psychological level, this was a jaw dropping experience for me. I got that if we change the system, people change, just like that.

We are currently going through a massive global change.

Many of us Positive Deviants have been taking about this impending change for quite a few years. We were never sure if the trigger would be economic, environmental, biological, or terrorist based.

It is probably all of the above, however, it is the economic system that has catapulted us all out of our slumber the most. Our money supply has dried up and we are hurting.

Following my meeting with Bernard in 2006, I realised that I was a novice around exactly what happened with money and our economy. I vowed to change my status and to become informed. For the last six years I have been an avid student of the history of money, our global economy, and all things related to this. One of the things I have realised is that my ignorance was not isolated to me. That there is a majority of people who have no idea just how money is made, how our system works, and why it is now failing.

Please know that while I am not an expert, I am passionate about this subject becoming main stream. This section of the web site is to provide articles, links, resources and tools for Positive Deviants world wide to learn from their peers, to explore possible scenarios, to challenge their thinking, to contribute and to build a more prosperous future for all of humanity.

In my years of studying the work of Buckminster Fuller, I used to skip over his material on the machinations of the global economy and money system, thinking it to be too much like conspiracy theory. Too much of the big guys in power holding all the strings and the rest of us being mere puppets.

Recently I re-read the chapter Legally Piggily from Critical Path, and was stunned to find this quote on page 87. Eventually the US taxpayers will be asked to make a "free-of-risk" bail-out of "private" enterprises, corporations with initial physical assets worth over a billion dollars classified as risk enterprises.

The whole chapter, written in 1980, was a stunning summary of what we are experiencing today. Of course Bucky would give as much attention to finding the truth in our money and economic system as he did in all of his studies. He was well aware that we need to address a new economics as a priority for our future prosperity and success.

The New Economics is a very big subject. It goes hand in hand with all the other subjects we explore on this site. We know our system is changing, and that it needs to change. We must take into account the whole of the system, the integral view, before we decide the best course.

We need to put our addiction to constant growth under the microscope, and ask some better questions. Is endless growth sustainable? The only system in nature that undergoes endless growth is cancer.

Do we confuse growth with prosperity?

What is the difference between the two? What are the possible economic models that we could implement, and what are the costs in time, energy, loss, gain etc, to implement? What are we able to do as individual Positive Deviants and as leaders within Positive Deviant companies to create a better form of economics, both at the local, national and international level? What type of new economic system will restore integrity at work, and power a green economics so desperately needed for our future survival and success?

Join us on this journey....into the world of the new economics.

Please share your thoughts, comments and ideas about a new economics.

There is some wonderful thinking about new economics. Please share yours.

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