Benefits of Business Coaching

What are the benefits of business coaching? To answer this question we need to look at what is “business coaching?”

At this point the territory becomes tricky. There are so many definitions and theoretical arguments for what is ‘coaching,’ and how we distinguish between executive, career, business, performance, and other types of coaching. Given that this article is not a research or theory based article, and with my 15 years of work in the area of business coaching, I will put forward the definition that I have developed.

Business Coaching is a broad term used to describe the interventions of coaching that addresses specific business issues. Sub-domains of Business Coaching may include career coaching, performance coaching, executive coaching, strategic coaching on the business system itself, team and group coaching, developmental coaching for a business context, communications and sales coaching, etc.

Many business coaches work in several of these sub-domains. For example, my work as an integral coach touches on career, performance, communication skills, sales, team and group coaching, executive leadership coaching and development. What I do not do within business coaching is the strategic coaching on the business systems. I have great partners who are experts in these domains.

The benefits of business coaching therefore can exist across a large spectrum of situations.

At the ground floor level the Benefits of Business Coaching may be, for example;

* Restoring health to dysfunctional teams and groups

* Improving poor communication skills

* Managing conflict

* Re-aligning badly managed expectations, role clarity, project clarity

* Getting people into the right roles and right fit- and how to manage this

* Performance coaching-getting the very best from your people

* Career development coaching - working with talent etc

At the middle floor level, the Benefits of Business Coaching may include;

* Clarifying intentions, goals, and objectives of projects and creating alignment around these

* Leadership development and providing a leadership development plan

* Resilience and sustainability of people and process

* Working with multiple stakeholders internally. Avoiding silo’s

* Maintaining high business ethics

At the contextual level the benefits of business coaching may include:

*Cultural Change issues, cultural change programs

*Values alignment of the business

*Business strategy and branding alignment

*Sustainable and ecological practices

*Developing alliances and collaborative partnerships

*Working with large scale systemic issues across multiple sectors both inside the business and exterior to the business using an integral coaching model

This list is by no means a complete list, but will indicate the scale and scope of business coaching and its benefits.

Like all coaching, critical to success of business coaching is having the right coach, with the right skills for your particular issue, and if necessary, having a team of carefully selected coaches who work as a team across the ground, middle and contextual levels in a collaborative and complimentary fashion.

The benefits of business coaching under these conditions are extraordinary.

For example, just consider how much time/energy/attention/money is lost in your organisation because of lack of initial clarity in roles, tasks, or projects, or the translation of the clarity from the executive to the ground floor?

We estimate that this, in conjunction with a culture that does not engender accountability and responsibility, to take up to 40% of productive time. If your company had 40% more time available from every staff member in employ at a minimal extra cost, what would be possible for your company in this next year?

This is an example of the benefit of business coaching. In our work we specialise in working at the cutting edge of business coaching, working with the positive deviant leaders and organisations, or organisations and leaders who desire becoming the most capable of meeting the emergent future with foresight and success.

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